Apprenticeship Program

Join Our Team & Work directly with Liz Huber, Founder of the Confident Coach Club


We Are Hiring!

The Confident Coach Club is hiring! We are looking for a motivated new or aspiring coach to work directly with Liz Huber (our founder) as an apprentice for 3 months. In this remote position, you will help grow the Confident Coach Club by managing our social media channels and podcast, designing graphics in Canva, researching and writing blog posts and manage partnerships. In exchange for your work, you will receive private mentoring by Liz (45 min per week), free access to our complete online course and feedback on all your work (e.g. your website) to help you start and grow your own coaching business.

Note: This is an on-going job offer. We are hiring apprentices continuously throughout the year. It is possible to do a shorter version of the apprenticeship (4 weeks minimum) as well as extend the apprenticeship after the 3 months. In fact, many apprentices choose to work continuously with Liz until they have built a successful coaching business.


Who we are looking for:

  • You are a new or aspiring coach looking for a mentor to help you start and grow your coaching business

  • You are available to work 10 hours a week for the Confident Coach Club for 3 months (you can work from anywhere in the world)

  • You are passionate about creating content (blogs, podcast, social media)

  • You are a fast learner and are quick to figure things out

  • Your working style is organized, independent and thorough

  • You are proficient in the English language (both writing and speaking) and communicate proactively

  • Bonus: You are a great writer

  • Bonus: You have experience as a social media manager for LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook


What you will be doing (Total of 10 hrs/Week):

  • Creating, Curating and Scheduling Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn posts

  • Creating Social Media and Blog Graphics with Canva

  • E-Mail Outreach for Podcast Guests, Content Partnerships and Backlinks

  • Content Distribution: Posting our Content in Forums, Groups and on Content Aggregator Sites

  • Content Research for Blogposts, Podcast Episodes and New Courses

  • Copywriting for Headlines, E-Mail Marketing and Social Media Posts

  • Potentially also: Co-Hosting Podcast Episodes, Writing In-Depth Blogposts and Guides


What you will get:

  • Free Access to our Online Course (Value: $149) with the full step-by-step blueprint to start your coaching business and set yourself up for $5k+ months

  • Access to our in-house library of templates and tools for everything you need as a coach (sales call scripts, website checklists, session outlines, coaching tools and questions, contract templates, client management sheets etc.)

  • Weekly Mentoring with Liz (45 min), after our Weekly Coordination Call (Value: $3,000)

  • Direct Feedback from Liz for anything you want to get reviewed (your website, coaching programs, sales calls performance, lead magnets, content, coaching skills etc.)

  • Behind-the-Scenes Insights into Liz' Coaching Business and the Confident Coach Club (Online Course, Podcast and Community)

  • Opportunity to Build a Network of Successful Coaches

  • Access to Practice Clients to apply your coaching skills in the real world and gain the confidence to start charging for your coaching (even without a certification)

Please note that this is an unpaid position. As an apprentice, the compensation for your work is the mentoring and learning materials you receive.

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Emma Dewhurst

As a coach-in-training, working as an Apprentice with Liz Huber at The Confident Coach Club has been an accelerating experience!

In exchange for five hours of my time using the skills I most love using each week (such as writing, editing, researching and podcast-making), I get an hour’s worth of top quality coaching with Liz herself, plus access to her fantastic online course.

Liz ensures that this really is a true exchange: the value I get from being coached by such an assured, experienced coach is worth every minute of my time. I learn something about coaching and/or setting up a coaching business every time I complete a Confident Coach Club task, and there are many things I would not have had the confidence to do had I not worked with Liz ahead of starting my certified training (such as actually getting out there and coaching…).  I can’t recommend the experience highly enough.

Emma's Journey

Emma Dewhurst is an actress, arts project co-ordinator, creativity champion and mother. She is currently training to be an ICF accredited Transformational Life Coach with Animas Centre for Coaching.


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Dipanshu Rawal is a Purpose Coach for Young Professionals. He is living, and helping others live, a life full of purpose, passion, and clarity.


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Maria is an Instagram Strategist & Coach - helping Soulpreneur coaches master Instagram to attract and sign clients.