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We Help New Coaches
Build a Thriving Business

Learn how to find your niche, package your services
and get clients with our FREE 5-Day E-Mail Course.

Honest advice. Step-by-Step Guidance. No Certification Necessary. 

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How We Can Help:

Take the first step towards your coaching business today! Sign up to our Step-by-Step Online Course, get personalized advice in a Private Coaching Session or browse our Recommended Tools, Templates and Books.

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Free Consultation for Coaches
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Online Course

"How to Start a Coaching Business"

Our step-by-step online course teaches you everything you need to know to start your coaching business and grow it to consistent $5k+ months. 

It includes guidance on finding your niche, packaging your service, creating a client acquisition strategy, selling yourself in consultation calls, and organizing your coaching business to save time and money.

The most valuable thing about the course are the templates that come with it: sales call scripts, e-mail outreach scripts, client sign-up and feedback forms, market research questions, coaching package and pricing templates and much much more.

Private Session with Liz

Get Personalized Advice from our Founder

If you are done trying to figure things out yourself with free resources and online courses and want answers to your most burning questions about starting and growing your coaching business, booking a Private Session with Liz is exactly what you need.

In the session, you'll receive personalized advice and feedback so you can get unstuck and move forward with clarity and confidence. 

Recommended Resources

Find the Best Tools, Templates and Books

At the Confident Coach Club, we have helped hundreds of coaches build their businesses from scratch. Thus, we are always up to date about the best resources out there. 

To help you save time and money, we have compiled expertly curated lists of the best tools, templates and books on the market. 

Check them out here:

TOP 10 TOOLS for Coaches >>

TOP 10 TEMPLATES for Coaches >>
BEST BOOKS for Coaches >>

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Hi, I am Liz Huber

Founder of the Confident Coach Club

When I started my coaching business 4 years ago, I had just finished my training and was super pumped to become a coach. But I soon realized that in my training they only taught me how to coach but NOT how to make a profitable business out of it! Thus, I wasted more than a year and thousands of dollars trying to figure things out and doing all the things with no success.

Looking back now, I wish I had a real step-by-step guide that was affordable and easy to understand without all the fluff. I wish I had more access to experienced coaches so I could learn from them. And I wish I had access to mentors and experts on a per-need basis to help me figure things out. 

This is why I founded the Confident Coach Club: with the podcast, our course, and private sessions, I want to offer you the shortcut and give you all the things you need to get started and grow your coaching career with clarity, confidence and focus. 

My online coaching business has allowed me to build the life of my dreams, traveling the world while working on my laptop. And now I want to help you fulfill yours, however that looks like.

We've created a Free 5-Day E-Mail Course to help you get started with your coaching business for free. And if there is any way I can help you, don't hesitate to reach out to me - I do my best to personally reply to every single email.

To the life and business of your dreams,


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