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#19: The Difference between Coaching, Therapy, Mentoring and Consulting

In this episode, Liz and Cedric (Team Member at Confident Coach Club and Meditation Coach) talk about the differences between 4 helping professions: coaching, therapy, mentoring and consulting. If you are a coach, this will help you define exactly what it is that you are doing and understand in which aspects of your work you might be acting in the role of a mentor, consultant or therapist and what that means for you as a coach. If you are a therapist, mentor or consultant, this episode will help you understand better what coaching is and how you can use coaching skills for the work you do with your clients - or even discover a new field of business.

What you will learn in this episode:

02:33 - The key difference between coaching, mentoring, therapy and consulting 03:33 - The definition of coaching according to the ICF (International Coach Federation)

07:10 - The process of coaching and how it is fundamentally different from consulting and mentoring

10:59 - Why it is okay to consult and mentor your clients as a coach and the right way to do it 15:00 - The goal and focus of coaching vs. therapy 18:34 - Why you don’t need to be an expert as a coach but it helps to focus on a specific niche 27:17 - The most important thing when it comes to serving your clients in the best possible way

Links from this episode:

Free 5-Day E-Mail Course: How to Start a Coaching Business

ICF (International Coach Federation)

Article: Why You Need a Coach, Not a Mentor

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