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#27: The 5 Laws of High-Ticket Coaching with Greg Faxon

Cover Image Confident Coach Club Podcast Episode 27

In this episode, Liz interviews Business Growth Coach Greg Faxon. Greg helps coaches fill their client roster so that they can increase their income each and every month. His mission is to provide honest sales and marketing training in an industry where it seems like you have to choose between making money and keeping your integrity as a coach. Greg started coaching when he was only 22 years old. By 24 he had done over six figures in annual sales. Now he helps other coaches get clear on their specialty, generate more leads, and easily enroll their ideal clients.

We are excited to have him on the show today, not only to talk about his amazing journey as a coach and his expert advice on how to grow your coaching business but also because we know that Greg has strong opinions about our current pandemic, what that means for you as a coach and how to thrive in uncertain times.

What you will learn in this episode:

2:08 – The Non-Negotiable Morning Routine that Keeps Greg Going

5:46 – Why Investing in High End Coaching is a Gamechanger for New Coaches

12:05 – The 1st Law of High-Ticket Coaching: Why you Must Start with Yourself

14:56 - The 2nd Law of High Ticket Coaching: The Secret to High Investment from Your Clients

17:20 – Aim High! Why It’s Better to Aspire to High-Ticket Coaching From the Start

19:15 – The 3rd Law: Why Your Marketing Strategy Must Match your Coaching Archetype

23:50 - The 4th Law of High Ticket Coaching (this one's about Sales!)

24:39 – The Final, All-Important 5th Law of High Ticket Coaching

25:45 – Why Now is the Perfect Time to be Super-Brave in Your Coaching Business

31:50 – Greg’s Invaluable Tips for Framing Your Niche to Fit the Times

37:16 – How Working on Your Business Now Will Allow you to Reap Rewards Later

38:36 – Quickfire Tips: Greg’s Great Advice to New and Aspiring Coaches

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