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#26: Pilar Lesko on Building a Coaching Business as Unique as You Are

Cover Image Confident Coach Club Podcast Episode 26

In this episode, Liz interviews Pilar Marie Lesko. It’s not easy to describe who Pilar is and what she does in her coaching practice. It’s simply magic. She likes to call herself Sacred Business Guide, Bridge, Mystic, Oracle, and Modern-Day Medicine Woman. And when it comes to success in business, Pilar is completely defying the odds: despite her small email list and regular extended breaks from social media, she recently had her first $50k month as a coach with her 1-on-1 work, group programs and digital products.

We are extremely intrigued by the way Pilar does business, most importantly how she believes that your frequency determines your success in business much much more than your actions. It is about your being rather than your doing.

In this episode, we dive deeper into Pilar’s story, how she carved her own path and how to manage your energy as a coach. This episode is one of our favourite episodes ever and a must-listen for every coach who doesn’t want to put themselves into a box, wants to do things completely different and might have been called crazy for it. It’s also a true gem for anyone who wants to bring spirituality into their coaching business, both with clients but also just in the way you do business.

What you will learn in this episode:

3:25 - Pilar Lesko's Unique Elevator Pitch

5:13 - Pilar's Aversion to the Word Coach and What She Prefers Instead

7:37 - How Pilar 'birthed' her business and her business 'birthed' her

11:10 - Pilar's Brilliant Introduction to Human Design

14: 26 - Pilar's Epic Advice to New Coaches on Setting up Their Business

17:23 - How Pilar Listens to Guides, Symbols & Signs to Guide her Business

21:30 - How Pilar Moves through Career Transitions (against her Will!)

26:10 - How Trust will get you through Internal Resistance in Your Career

33:40 - The Joy of Organic Niching as a New Coach

38:39 - The One Constant Unique Gift Pilar Has Always Used in Business

44:50 - How Pilar uses her Frequency to determine Everything She Does in her Business

50:34 - Pilar's Rare, Exceptional and Unusual Approach to Social Media

58:09 - Instagram Truths: Your Fear of Being Seen v Wanting to Live a Private Life

1:03:35 - Pilar's Supreme Energy Management Tips (especially for Projectors!)

1:08:10 - Two Special Messages for New Coaches from Pilar

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