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#12: Interview with Jordan Gross, Cloud 9 Coach

Cover Image Confident Coach Club Podcast Episode 12 with Jordan Gross

In this episode, Liz talks to Cloud 9 Coach Jordan Gross about his journey to becoming a coach, how he created his own niche and wrote a book about it, how he did 90 podcast interviews in 90 days, how he gets clients from LinkedIn and much much more.

About our Guest:

Jordan Gross guides people to their cloud nine lives by helping them discover their true passions and purpose. By designing a creative, intensive, and fun process, he has guided people in overcoming uncertainty and discovering what it truly is that brings them meaning and fulfillment. He believes that uncovering your Cloud Nine life means stepping outside the norm, separating from the pack, and becoming the pilot of your own plane. Jordan is also a best-selling author of a book called Getting COMFY: Your Morning Guide to Daily Happiness, a TEDx Speaker, and a founder of multiple companies and organizations! In his free time you can find Jordan listening to podcasts, at the gym, playing sports, reading Mitch Albom books, writing Mitch Albom type books, and living his Cloud Nine life.

Get in touch with Jordan:

What you will learn in this episode:

01:50 - Jordan's Elevator Pitch as a coach, speaker, and author

03:19 - Jordan's journey to becoming a coach

05:44 - How Jordan found his niche (and pivoted)

08:55 - How Jordan knew it was time to pivot to a different niche

10:40 - The difference between coaching and mentoring

10:58 - How Jordan structures his coaching programs

12:55 - How Jordan gets coaching clients and his goal-setting approach

14:15 - The strategy Jordan uses to sell 25,000 books

15:25 - How Jordan gets clients from sharing content and engaging on LinkedIn

18:10 - How Jordan appeared on 90 podcasts in 90 days

19:40 - How to approach your client acquisition goals

22:40 - Why client acquisition is a number's game

24:07 - The mindset of "outworking everybody else"

24:42 - What Jordan is excited about for 2020 (his book coming out)

26:22 - Where to find Jordan online and get a free chapter of the book

27:08 - Final words of wisdom from Jordan

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