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#20: Interview with Erin Urban, Career Coach & Forbes Coaches Council Member

Cover Image Confident Coach Club Podcast Episode 20 Erin Urban

In this episode of the Confident Coach Club podcast, Liz talks to Erin Urban, a Certified Career Coach, Forbes Coaches Council Member, and International Speaker who works with driven, experienced professionals to remove career roadblocks in order to achieve their potential. This episode is a gem for any new or aspiring coach because it is a rare opportunity to learn from a highly experienced coach with multiple certifications and over 10 years of experience in the industry.

What you will learn in this episode:

2:03 - Erin’s elevator pitch as a coach and speaker

3:29 - Erin’s journey to becoming a coach

7:47 - Erin’s advice to those who want to quit their job while building their coaching business

12:19 - How Erin organize her day as a coach

12:26 - How to organize your day as a coach when you’re starting out

12:39 - How Erin helps her clients with their career roadblocks

20:45 - Erin shares how she structures her coaching program

24:50 - How Erin gets coaching clients

25:55 - Erin’s recommendation on how you can get clients when you’re starting out

27:56 - Erin shares how she got her first paying client

31:06 - Erin shares her experience with ICF

33:48 - Erin’s advice for new coaches building their business

39:33 - Erin recommended books and people you can learn from online

41:50 - How finding your voice and sharing your story is important

45:15 - Last few words from Erin

Links from this episode:

Free 5-Day E-Mail Course: How to Start a Coaching Business

Erin Urban Website

Forbes Coaches Council Erin Profile

ICF (International Coach Federation)

John Maxwell

Simon Sinek

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