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#18: How to Stay Motivated When You Are Not Seeing Results

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Cover Image Confident Coach Club Podcast Episode 18

This episode is for anyone feeling demotivated in their business because they are not growing fast enough, not getting any clients and just not seeing the results that they want in their business. Liz explains the reasons why this happens, walks you through a powerful reset-process to get back into alignment and shares her 4-part framework to staying connected to joy, purpose, and excitement as a business owner.

What you will learn in this episode:

03:00 - Liz shares about her past experiences while trying to build her online business

08:29 - The root causes of why we're feeling demotivated

14:00 - The reason why you should be open for other possibilities other than your desired outcome

16:09 - The effects of becoming attached to the outcome you want

17:36 - What to do right now if you feel demotivated

17:45 - Hitting the reset button and its benefits

23:28 -  How to still work and how to keep going even though you’re not feeling excited

24:35 - Liz shares about her 4-part framework to help you stay motivated

25:44 - Why finding a niche that fits you is important

27:15 - How focusing on what you can control is what matters

28:25 - Implementing the "Impacting one person mindset"

29:58 - Why detaching yourself from the outcome is beneficial

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