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#7: How to Know If You Should Become a Coach

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Cover Image Confident Coach Club Podcast Episode 7

In this episode of the Confident Coach Club Podcast, you will learn the 10 signs that tell you whether you would be a great coach or not. These signs will help you decide whether a career in coaching is right for you based on your skills, traits, personality type and previous experience. 

What you will learn in this episode:

01:35 - Why the coaching industry is booming

04:40 - Sign #1: You are obsessed with personal development

06:55 - Sign #2: People ask for your advice

08:22 - Sign #3: You have a genuine interest in helping people

12:28 - Sign #4: You are primarily driven by serving others (more than creating/building things)

18:58 - Sign #5: You are comfortable talking to other people about their issues

21:20 - Sign #6: You are a great listener

24:15 - Sign #7: You are very well organized

25:33 - Sign #8: You are willing to put yourself out there

27:48 - Sign #9: You are entrepreneurial

29:53 - Sign #10: You believe in coaching

Links from this episode:

- Our Full Online Course: Confident Coach Club Online Course

- Podcast Episode with Christopher Connors

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