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#22: How to Find Your Coaching Niche (Q&A Episode)

Cover Image Confident Coach Club Podcast Episode 22

In this episode, Liz and Cedric talk about common questions new coaches have when it comes to finding and selecting the right niche. Liz gives helpful tips on how to explore different niches that interest you and how to make sure you combine your interests with a profitable market segment and a target group that is willing and able to pay for your services.

What you will learn in this episode:

1:34 - What is meant by an Evergreen Market

3:00 - Why it’s important to select an Evergreen Niche, not a Trend Niche

4:25 - The 3 Most Profitable Mega-Niches in Coaching

5:10 - ‘One-Time-Fix’ Niches vs. ‘Upsell’ Niches

10:25 - Liz’ 3 Profitability Dealbreakers when choosing a Niche

11:40 - How Liz found her first Niche (Productivity Coaching)

14:26 - How to explore different Niches and find the right one

17:08 - Why you don’t need to worry that choosing a Niche puts you into a box

20:30 - The real problem with not having a Niche

23:45 - The What, Who, How Triangle of every Profitable Niche

28:15 - How to do a Profitability Test for your Niche

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