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How to Start a Coaching Business

Our self-guided online course is a complete step-by-step guide to setting yourself up for consistent $5k+ months as a coach.


What We Teach You in the Course:

✔️ The Business Model that allows you to grow your coaching business to $5k per month and beyond with ease

✔️ How to position yourself in a way that attracts the dream clients who are able and willing to pay for your coaching services

✔️ How to create a consistent stream of prospects reaching out to you for a consultation

✔️ How to convert your prospects into high paying clients in your consultations

✔️ The tools & client management strategies you need to manage a fully booked coaching practice without the stress

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 Imagine for a Second...

  • Every day you wake up excited to meet with your coaching clients and help them transform their lives. You get so much energy and joy from each session. You are doing what you love & getting paid good money for it! You feel deeply fulfilled because you do the work that really matters to you. The work you came here to do. The work you can't NOT do. 

  • You feel safe and secure because you know you have a consistent stream of prospects coming in every month and you have the confidence and skills to convert them into high-paying coaching clients. Your business is thriving!

  • You wake up to new bookings for consultations and emails from your happy clients sharing how impactful the last session has been.

  • You have a signature program that is easy to run, highly effective for your clients and making you $5k+ per month, all while only seeing online clients 2-3 days a week. 

  • You are leading a much more flexible life and are truly in charge of your own schedule. You can work from anywhere in the world because your business is fully online. You choose how much and when you want to work. You finally have time for that 10:00 am Yoga class, 3:00 pm Nap and a random weekday off to enjoy the great weather outdoors.

  • You finally have created a great base in your business with limitless expansion potential: Whether it's creating online courses, writing a book or speaking on stage - anything. is possible now that you've established yourself as the expert in your field.


What's Included in the Course:

Complete Step-by-Step Guide

Get the full step-by-step blueprint to start your own coaching business: from finding your niche, creating transformational coaching packages and pricing your services to acquiring clients and organizing your coaching business.

Copy & Paste Templates

Countless exercises and done-for-you templates for coaching agreements, client and sales emails, client management sheets, sales calls scripts, market research interview templates, coaching application templates and many more.

Personalized Support & Mentoring

The online course itself is entirely self-study which means you can work through it in your own time. If you need more personalized guidance, we have a pricing plan available that includes 3 Private Sessions with Liz, Founder of the Confident Coach Club.


Choose the Right Way to
Grow Your Coaching Business

Whether you just want the how-to information and templates or looking for more personalized guidance, feedback and accountability, we got you covered!

Payment Plans Available!

Self-Study Option


Get the step-by-step guidance you need to create a successful coaching business and done-for-you resources to set everything up 10x faster. Go through the course on your own time.


  • Lifetime Access to all 8 Modules of the Online Course

  • Downloadable Templates for everything from Sales Call Scripts to Client Agreements​

Course & 3 Private Sessions with Liz


Achieve your goals faster by getting personalized advice and feedback for starting and growing your coaching business in 3 private sessions with our Founder Liz Huber. 

Our recommendation: book one session straight away to set your goals and get important questions answered, another session while you are halfway through the course and have a clearer idea of your niche and coaching programs, and one at the end of your first year to review your strategy for growth.


  • Lifetime Access to the Complete Course

  • All Downloadable Templates 

  • 3 Private Coaching Sessions with Liz to be used within one year

By buying this package, you save $197 compared to buying three single sessions and the course.

Payment Plans available for both options!

ONLINE COURSE: Packages & Rates

Our Course is Right for You if...

✔️ You know how to lead coaching sessions and get results for your clients but don't have consistent paying clients yet

✔️ You don't have a clear niche yet and/or don't know how to position yourself and your coaching services effectively

✔️ You are committed to making coaching your full-time income and create a consistent stream of new clients.

This course is NOT the right fit if you have no idea about how to coach. You don't​ need a certification to build a successful business with the help of this course but the course doesn't teach you HOW to coach, it teaches you how to get clients and build a thriving business.


Your Teacher:
Liz Huber

Liz is a Business Coach & Founder of the Confident Coach Club.

After growing her own Productivity Coaching Business to consistent $5k+ months and coaching over 150+ clients, Liz is now teaching her blueprint to students all over the world in an affordable, easy-to-access online course.

We created the online course because Liz was personally guiding new coaches through the same journey over and over again and realized that new coaches always have the same problems in the beginning: no leads or unable to close leads, no clear positioning, overwhelmed with too many clients, failing to build a consistent stream of new prospects coming in each month. 

Simply put: this course has all the answers :)


Hear From Previous Course Students

Real People. Real Results. Honest Reviews.


“This course is brilliant. The structure is great and walks you through starting your coaching business step-by-step. The content is super actionable with helpful exercises and all templates you need as a coach. The course is a no-brainer investment for any new coach. I just wish more people knew about it!"

Cedric Reeves
Meditation & Mindfulness Coach


"If I could go back in time when I am starting up as a life coach, and recommend myself something, I would recommend this course. This has all the elements a new coach needs to know. 

From financial, legal aspects, to getting and coaching clients - this course covers 100% things a new coach is supposed to know. It’s such a valuable program, and you shouldn’t think twice before enrolling in it."

Dipanshu Rawal
Purpose Coach

Screenshot 2020-10-01 at 14.33.22.png

"I couldn’t ask for a better course for new and aspiring coaches. The program doesn't overwhelm you with information and it teaches and walks you from starting your coaching business to systems in onboarding the clients and how to serve your clients which not a lot of other coaches teach. Not only is the program packed with all things you need to know from getting clear on what your niche is to attracting clients but it also includes templates which are incredibly helpful for someone who’s a beginner or new coach. You’ll definitely get the bang for your buck with this course."

Maria Camille Olaguivel
Instagram Coach

ONLINE COURSE: Testimonials

Get Started Today
for just $75

Get the Self-Study Course for 2 payments of $75 with our payment plan
or pay full price ($149).


Course Overview

Module 1

How to Find Your Niche

Learn what a niche is, why you need one and how to find yours.
Includes Profitability Checklist.

Module 2

How to Create Your Personal Brand Profile

Learn how to create your own website (without coding skills), set up your social media profiles for success and position yourself as an expert in your industry.

Module 3

How to Package your Services

Learn how to find out what your clients really need and package your services accordingly.
Includes market research script and email templates and coaching program examples.

Module 4

How to Price your Services

Learn what determines how much you can charge for your coaching services, adopt the right money mindset and calculate the price for your programs.

Module 5

How to Get Coaching Clients

Learn how to create your ideal client profile, what the 3 most effective client acquisition strategies are and how to close clients effortlessly.

Module 6

How to On-Board Clients

Learn how to on-board your clients effectively, protect yourself legally with a coaching agreement and get paid on time.

Module 7

Serve Exceptionally & Create Raving Fans

Learn what extra-ordinary coaches do differently to get raving testimonials and referrals from their clients.

Module 8

How to Organize Your Coaching Business

Learn how to organize your schedule, keep track of clients, prepare for sessions and automate your business with powerful tools.


Included Copy & Paste Templates

Sales Call Script

Client Agreement

Client On-Boarding Email

Feedback Questionnaire

Client Management System

Market Research Script

Client Application Form

...and many more email templates



Join Liz as she gives you a short introduction to the course and shows you what's inside so you can better decide if the course is a great fit for you.


Get Started Today
for just $75

Get the Self-Study Course for 2 payments of $75 with our payment plan
or pay full price ($149).



Who is this course for?

The course is perfect for you if one of the following is true:

  • You are currently training to become a coach or just finished training and are ready to take on paying clients (you don't need a certification but you should feel confident enough to start charging for your services)

  • You already have a business in an industry similar to coaching and want to add coaching to your portfolio of services (e.g. bloggers and content creators, therapists, consultants, course creators)

  • You have tried to get coaching clients for the past year or so and have had some success here and there but struggle to get consistent clients and income in your business and want a full-proof strategy

Do I need to be certified to start a coaching business?

NO - in most countries including US, UK and Australia coaching is an unregulated profession which means anyone can call themselves a coach. This is good and bad news: It's good because taking our course is all you need to get set up as a coach and use your gift to help people. Coaching is all about the results you help people achieve, not about your qualifications. The bad news is: Because anyone can become a coach, the market is getting crowded and it's really important to find a good niche and market yourself effectively (we teach all of that in the course!). Disclaimer: Please check the regulations in your own country first - some countries like Germany and Austria require a certification to become a coach.

How much does the course cost?

The price of the self-guided course is $149 (which is a steal because you not only get 8 modules with step-by-step guidance but also access to all my templates). If you'd like to get more personalized support and accountability, you can buy the group mentoring option which is $299 and includes the complete course as well as 3-Month access to bi-weekly group mentoring calls with Liz.

What is included?

The Self-Guided Course includes 8 Modules covering the full step-by-step blueprint to start your own coaching business: from finding your niche, creating transformational coaching packages, pricing your services to acquiring clients and organizing your client work (taking payments, legal contracts, booking sessions, recording calls etc.). Plus, a complete library of done-for-you templates for coaching agreements, client and sales emails, client management sheets, sales calls scripts, market research interview templates, coaching application templates and much much more. If you want to take a peek inside the course, you can watch a recorded a walk-through video here.

The Group Coaching Option includes 3-Month Access to Bi-Weekly Live Group Mentoring Calls with Liz.

Do you offer a refund policy?

Yes, we have a 24 hrs refund period. This means, you can buy the course and get a chance to check it out and if it's really not what you expected, you can email us at and get your money back. Our refund period is so short on purpose because we don't want you to buy the course and forget about it - we want you to take action right away! This is how you'll keep the momentum and get results fast!

I have a coupon code. Where can I enter it?

Please enter the coupon code in the checkout process right after entering your e-mail address. The option to add a code will appear right above the credit card field.


Get in Touch

Don't hesitate to drop us a line if you have questions about our course, private sessions, or anything else and our team will get back to you within 48 hrs (Monday to Friday).

Thanks for Reaching Out!

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