How to Start Your Own Coaching Business

Self-Guided Online Course

This is our Signature Online Course containing the full blueprint for starting your own coaching business in as little as 30 days.


Complete Step-by-Step Guide

Get the full step-by-step blueprint to start your own coaching business: from finding your niche, creating transformational coaching packages and pricing your services to acquiring clients and organizing your coaching business.

Copy & Paste Templates

Countless exercises and done-for-you templates for coaching agreements, client and sales emails, client management sheets, sales calls scripts, market research interview templates, coaching application templates and many more.

Premium Support

Continuous support throughout the course - We reply to every single comment on the lessons and you get special email access for any further questions you have. This is not just the content, you are fully covered with everything you need to start your coaching career.


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Join Liz as she gives you a short introduction to the course and shows you what's inside so you can better decide if the course is a great fit for you.


Course Overview

Module 1

How to Find Your Niche

Learn what a niche is, why you need one and how to find yours.
Includes Profitability Checklist.

Module 2

How to Create Your Personal Brand Profile

Learn how to create your own website (without coding skills), set up your social media profiles for success and position yourself as an expert in your industry.

Module 3

How to Package your Services

Learn how to find out what your clients really need and package your services accordingly.
Includes market research script and email templates and coaching program examples.

Module 4

How to Price your Services

Learn what determines how much you can charge for your coaching services, adopt the right money mindset and calculate the price for your programs.

Module 5

How to Get Coaching Clients

Learn how to create your ideal client profile, what the 3 most effective client acquisition strategies are and how to close clients effortlessly.

Module 6

How to On-Board Clients

Learn how to on-board your clients effectively, protect yourself legally with a coaching agreement and get paid on time.

Module 7

Serve Exceptionally & Create Raving Fans

Learn what extra-ordinary coaches do differently to get raving testimonials and referrals from their clients.

Module 8

How to Organize Your Coaching Business

Learn how to organize your schedule, keep track of clients, prepare for sessions and automate your business with powerful tools.


Included Copy & Paste Templates

Sales Call Script

Client Agreement

Client On-Boarding Email

Feedback Questionnaire

Client Management System

Market Research Script

Client Application Form

...and many more email templates


Get Started Today

Get the Full Blueprint to Start Your Coaching Business for just $149


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