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Need more personalized support to start and grow your coaching business?

Book a session with Liz (Founder of the Confident Coach Club) and get all your questions answered or
apply to work with one of our Master Coaches to get on-going coaching and support.


AMA Session with Liz (Ask Me Anything)

Get all your questions about becoming a coach and building a successful business answered in this 60 min session with Liz Huber (Productivity Coach & Founder of the Confident Coach Club). Liz has successfully grown her online coaching business to $6k+ per month and has worked with hundreds of clients from all over the world before starting the Confident Coach Club to help new and aspiring coaches do the same.

In this session, Liz will share with you the keys to building a successful coaching business and she will share openly about how she built her business, the mistakes she made and what strategies have worked for her. You can also get feedback and ideas for your website, coaching programs, business idea/model, client acquisition strategies and more. 

This session has been very popular among our online course students and podcast listeners who want to get personal advice from an experienced coach to overcome specific challenges they are facing in their business.

Please send questions or materials you want feedback on 24 hrs before the session so Liz can prepare for the call.

Cost per Session: $199 (60 min)

3-Month Private Coaching Program

Are you serious about your coaching career and ready to do the work? Are you done trying to figure things out yourself with free resources and online courses and want an experienced coach to guide you through everything?

Then you might be a perfect fit for our 3-Month Private Coaching Program with one of our Master Coaches.

To learn more, apply for a free strategy call below.

Depending on your current challenges and goals, we will match you with the right coach. 

Can't afford coaching? Check out our apprenticeship.