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About The Confident Coach Club

The Confident Coach Club helps new and aspiring coaches find their niche, start their business and get their first client with The Confident Coach Club Podcastour signature online course How to Start a Coaching Business and Private Sessions with our Founder Liz Huber.

We know how overwhelming starting a business can be when everyone on the internet is throwing around strategies and hacks and we feel we need to do it all to succeed. 

That's why we started the Confident Coach Club. We want to give new and aspiring coaches straightforward and affordable resources to start and grow their coaching career with clarity, confidence, and focus - without all the fluff. 

We don't teach you how to coach and we don't teach you how to build a 6-figure business because there are already so many courses and programs out there. Instead, we focus on the business side of coaching and more specifically the first few steps to getting started as a coach. 

We are like the business school for coaches. We are the ones who get you on the road to success. 

We teach you how to find your niche, set up your website, create your coaching packages, create your client acquisition strategy, start making content your audience loves and get your first paying client. 

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About Liz

Liz Huber is the Founder of the Confident Coach Club and a Mindset & Productivity Coach. 

She started her own coaching business 4 years ago and has since coached hundreds of people from all over the world. With her coaching programs, books and online courses, she helps her clients achieve their business and life goals clarity, confidence and focus. After building an online coaching business that allowed her to build her dream life (living and working from anywhere in the world), she launched The Confident Coach Club to help aspiring coaches get the shortcut to starting and growing their own coaching business. 

As a Solopreneur, she lives and works between London, South East Asia, and the Austrian Alps.

ABOUT: About Me

"Nobody Left Behind" - Policy

At the Confident Coach Club, we believe that everyone has a unique gift that is meant to be shared with the world. If you feel called to become a coach, we are here to support you every step of the way, no matter your budget. We are not here to contribute to the barriers of entry by offering coaching certifications and business courses at astronomical prices. We are here to democratize access to the tools you need to make a living from your gifts.

Thus, value-based and affordable pricing is extremely important to us.

And if you are not able to invest in our courses or a private session right now, we encourage you to sign-up to our e-mail list where we send out our value-packed podcast episodes and free resources every week.


Get in Touch

Don't hesitate to drop us a line if you have questions about our course, private sessions, or anything else and our team will get back to you within 48 hrs (Monday to Friday).

Thanks for reaching out!

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